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There are many different types of abortion, which I hope to cover throughout the semester.  The one that probably sparks the most responses is a late-term abortion.  I did a little research on late-term abortions, and just wanted to share with you all.  According to information from the Michigan Christians for Life, late-term abortions require doctors to perform "instillation techniques" in which a needle filled with poison is inserted into the baby.  There are different types of poisons and incision sites used, but one mentioned caught my attention immediately.  Intracardiac injections are mentioned by the Michigan Christians for Life, which, "...involves injecting a poison--such as digoxin--into the unborn baby's heart".  A well-known late-term abortionist named George Tiller uses this technique.  The website exposes a known case of Tiller's where he had injected poison into the brain, instead of the heart.  The baby ended up surviving with severe brain damage, and was adopted by a couple, Bill and Mary Kay Brown, and named her Sarah.  Sarah died 5 years after being born from the complications.   

The strength of such a family to adopt Sarah is remarkable and goes without question--a noble act.  An article titled, "The Story of Sarah Brown", offers more background to Sarah's story.  Twenty-four hours after the failed attempt, "...she had not been cleaned up, the umbilical cord had been improperly severed and she had had no nourishment, Sarah continued to live.  A nurse in the newborn unit of the hospital finally took pity on the child.  She called an attorney with whom she was familiar and explained the situation.  The attorney called Bill and Mary Kay Brown and asked them to come to the hospital and rescue this remarkable child".  I think it is safe to say that if Sarah had received proper treatment and proper nourishment, her brain injuries would have been greatly reduced. 

Pictured below is a woman named Gianna Jessen, who survived a late-term abortion 33 years ago.  


Gianna is active in the creation of a group called "BornAliveTruth" in partner with a nurse named Jill Stanek.  You may have heard of her.  A political article that I came across when searching for Gianna's story called, "Ad With Late-Term Abortion Survivor Bashes Barack Obama on Infanticide", reported Stanek to be responsible for exposing live-birth abortions, where "doctors purposefully cause the premature birth of an unborn child for the sole purpose of letting her die".  This led to, "...a national law President Bush signed requiring medical centers and personnel to provide such babies with adequate medical care after birth," and, "...the Illinois bills Obama opposed".

The article claims that Obama has voted down the"Born Alive Bill" four times, which calls for actions to protect babies left to die after an abortion.  The article states that: 

Obama has said he voted against the Born Alive bill in Illinois because it would have undermined Roe v. Wade and the so-called right to abortion, but documents from the Illinois legislature show he voted for an amendment to rectify that issue and still voted against the bill.

Mind you, this article is from 2008 in the heat of the election. I do not know if he has opposed the bill since, but BornAliveTruth.Org launched an ad that made the public aware of Obama's opposition to the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act.  You can click here to see Gianna's message to Obama.  

So as to relate to my previous post which focuses on two polls about whether or not abortion is murder, is poisoning a baby's heart or brain considered murder?  What's your opinion?

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